Just some remarks to the art of discussion and decision here.
In March/April there were some mail concernig the wikisource, the future of wikiosurce (multilingual, wikisource.org) and new subdomains.
Although I work in wikisource.org since 2004 and although I am an admin there since 2005, I saw and I read some points the first time in my wiki life. There was no word of announcement or discussion of this matter on the pages of the multilingual wikisource, never, although it concerns this domain.
So, the proposals, that everything what has to do with new subdomains should be put in the hands of somebody else, but not the wikisource.
Nice. The multilingual wikisource did in the past manage the creation of new subdomains, after we had a contact to the users there. Now, there is a not nearly specified proposal, some incubation domain will do. Fine. Fine, if it works.
But doesn't seem to work. The discussion ended, nobody concerns, nobody tries to do something. And the Tamil wikisource request and another one are still waiting for a solution. Since months, since nearly one year. Do you think that the users are so strong and so good prepared fot the shit here, that they will wait another half a year and then start to work again??? I am sure, we lost not only some users, but we lost two subdomains in the last four weeks.
I tried to keep the domain of wikisource.org running in the past, but now I must resignate. Some people announce some new fine ideas, they take the competences away, without saying who will do it in the future. I am not like to act there as a idiot, I am not one.
You will have to recognize, that such acting leads to a loss of users and subdomains. You will have to recognize that the wikisource subdomains have to learn something else than the wikipedia or wictionary subdomains. Obviously, yaou have to recognize this in the future.
It is not a good feeling to me to write these sentences after three years of wotking here, but the development of the WS did hurt  me.