Thanks Sam! 
Now we should focus on  help about requisites of a good, wikisource-oriented IA upload: proper scan quality, good file names and useful metadata. IMHO it would be great to build a "wikisource collection" into IA, since collection admins can edit any item detail but its ID, and fix most mistakes. 


2017-02-09 4:10 GMT+01:00 Sam Wilson <>:
This new feature is now live on the ia-upload tool:
Please raise any issues on Github:

The conversion process takes about 15 minutes for most books, it seems
like. (For books that already have DjVus at IA, it uploads them
immediately though.)


On Thu, 2 Feb 2017, at 09:33 AM, Sam Wilson wrote:
> I've been tinkering with the ia-upload tool and incorporating Alex
> Brollo's better system of DjVu generation (better than converting from
> PDF, that is; instead it works from the original Jpeg2000 files and
> merges the OCR data in).
> I've set up a test installation of the tool at
> and would love anyone to have a
> go at it, and to report any bugs at
> Because DjVu generation can take a while (quite a while if you've got a
> crappy slow laptop like me), the tool runs each job on the grid engine,
> starting every 5 minutes. The queue is shown on the homepage of the
> tool, with a status of each job. (Unless you're just re-using an
> existing DjVu file from the IA, in which case it's just uploaded
> directly to Commons while you wait, like the tool's always done.)
> Thanks!

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