Ok for this one, then. But many others on other wikisources are, I guess, unfair. Does any admin or developper have the rights to modify this stuff on each domain ?




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{{externesBild}} is quite understandable. In german language wikisource it is mandatory that the scan of the page is public available and linked, I think it is something like Special:Filepath/XX. A lot of old books a scanned by universities und we link to the pages there, but our main source  is commons for the scans-


2010/3/15 <syagrius@gmx.fr>
Since the wikisource sub-domains are now classified by page views count, I guess it should at least be fair. If we look to the statistics for December 2009, we see that an important part of the English wikisource traffic (http://stats.grok.se/en.s/) comes from "Special:AutoLogin", of the Russian one (http://stats.grok.se/ru.s/) from "Special:Filepath/XXpng", of the German one (http://stats.grok.se/de.s/) from "{{{EXTERNESBILD}}}" (I don't know what it is) and some "png", and of the Spanish one (http://stats.grok.se/es.s/) from "Special:Filepath/XXpng", etc.

There was the same problem on French wikisource some months ago, and it was fortunately corrected. Could anyone correct all this on every sub-domain ?


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