2010/7/21 Hélène Pedrosa-Masson <edhral@free.fr>

Wikisource may aim towards being a repository of sources for
Wikipedia. But IMHO it is not its only goal. In French Wikisource, we
proofread some novels and short stories... and we would like them to
be available in e-pub and pdf: now many people read on e-readers and
we must be here to give them free texts to read. Don't you think so ?

Best regards,

I too think  that wikisource should be  much more a "container for arts and history" than a "container for  update knowledge", since most works are ancient (a century or more); this is why - IMHO - my small field of interest, which brought me into source world: equitation ("the art and practice of riding"), that's much more an art than a science, is a rather interesting topic, just as poems and literature, old chronicles and old newspapers. This means too that users will be very few, just as are very few the users of old or ancient books. Therefore source can be a useful "source" for some particular topics only, from wikipedia point of view.

No matter: the whole server space devoided to wikisource is so small... the whole unzipped  dump of it.source "good content" is more or less 250 Mby, t.i. less than three full-size (100 Mby) Commons files. ;-)