Hi Alex,

It sounds great. Have you some presentation to persuade local libraries to upload their works in IA-wikisource? I would like to spread it in Catalan libraries soon.


El dia 06/05/2014 11.30, "Alex Brollo" <alex.brollo@gmail.com> va escriure:
Happy to let you know that there's a new IA collection from an Italian library (Opal Libri Antichi), and that uploads have been done by a wikisourcian, with any possible care about metadata, so that Tpt IA-Commons uploader can be easily used.

Most items have been uploaded as high-resolution TIFF zips, so that a better resolution djvu can be rather simply obtained when needed.
Items are so far mainly ancient Italian books, but there are too many French and Latin books.

In days/hours the goal of first 1000 uploads will be met.

Here the link for colection's list: https://archive.org/search.php?query=collection%3Aopallibriantichi&sort=-publicdate


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