This mail is quite technical, could we have some more explanations?

What is [[MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index data config]] and what does it do?

More particularly, I see that br.ws is not listed but maybe it could benefit from it too (and as I'm the only active admin there and 1/5th of the community no-one else than me would do it ; so can I do?).

Cdlt, ~nicolas

2017-07-14 22:51 GMT+02:00 ankry.wiki <ankry.wiki@onet.pl>:
Dear wikisource administrators!

I noticed that default content model (wikitext) of index configuration page:
  [[MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index data config]]
is wrong in almost all wikisources. As it contains index definition in JSON format, the content model should be JSON to avoid potential presentation problems (eg. in case when somebody wishes to add wikicode examples or HTML tags here).

Yesterday, I disputed this with Tpt on IRC, and he agreed with me that the content model "wikitext" is wrong here and told that it is difficult to change it from the ProofreadPage extension. It should be done manually, when ProofredPage is configured.

The change only affects HTML presentation of this particular page and is written in database. Page code accessible by API or visible for the ProofreadPage extension remains unchanged. So the change is safe and also fully reversible (if somebody wishes so).

The content model has already been changed in en (by Yann), fr (by Tpt), pl & mul (by me), hu (by Tacsipacsi). Nothing needs to be changed on wikisources that do not use this page (eg. ar, de, ko, sv).

INSTRUCTION (English interface assumed)
- open [[MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index data config]] page
- choose "Page information" from the left menu
- find the "Page content model" row in the "Basic information" table
- if "wikitext" is displayed as current model, click "change"
- choose "JSON" as "New content model"
- click the "Change" button to save the change.

You need to be admin to change content model.

The change may be also performed by a global admin or steward. But they need to be ensured that no bot/tool uses HTML code of this page directly.
(A bot should use API if really needs this page, but if you know any bot accessing HTML code ot this page, let us know)

The alphabetic list of wikisources that still need this change:
be, bn, ca, da, es, gu, hr, hy, it, is, mk, nl, no, or, pa, pt, ru, ta, uk, vec, zh


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