Hello everyone,
and happy holidays :-)

As a User Group, we are eligible to send one member to the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin [1].
I participated last year, and if I'm not mistaken Micru did in 2015.

The conference is a place where the WMF, chapters and other affiliates gather to discuss many topics, and it's a great occasion for advocacy.

I remember that last year I had the chance to sit with Danny Horn (from Community Tech team) for a whole hour to show him Wikisource stuff and issues. He told me they needed a new member of the team. Few months later, our own Sam Wilson was picked. Of course, that is all to Sam's credit (he's really good), but there is much more awareness in the WMF about Wikisource, and we are the ones who have to *build* that awareness. That conversation I had with Danny )among many others) helped, and so we gotta keep talking to people and explaining what Wikisource is.

And our work is not finished.
Things are slowly improving, but we want them to improve more and faster.
And we gotta check that there are improving constantly.

So this is why I think these gatherings are important.
We have the chance to send one of us to Berlin: and we should have some candidates.

Not sure how we should do it (maybe a "formal" election?) but the first thing is see how many of us are willing to go, so please reply to this mail and candidate yourself if you will.

I'm available, and I'd like to go, but I also went last year, so we shall decide all together.


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference_2017/Eligibility_Criteria