On Mon, 2 Jan 2017, at 05:29 PM, Andrea Zanni wrote:

Ideally, we should talk to IA about this.
Adding a comment on the IA item is a very low-cost solution and I think is important, adding the djvu would be much better. We should check if a script can edit every kind of item and add files (I think not).

Yes, good idea about talking to them.

I wonder about the workflow too, because what about the situation of someone uploading a new work with our tool: the script creates a new IA item then (I assume as the 'wikisource-import-tool' or whatever user) and then it will have full permissions over that item. So the update-DjVu scenario will only apply for IA items that already exist but which don't have DjVu files (i.e. only the last few months' worth). Which is good...