Thank you, Thomas, for the software enhancements
that you have made available.

Would your SVN access also make it practical to enable

As for your point about the availability of scanned text, I certainly agree.
Actually, I have been looking for ways to make this more automatic and
easier to implement in a wiki environment, but without much success.
Ideally, there should be a one-click link between every text and its scan
and/or presentation of both on the very same page.

But when dealing with texts containing hundreds or thousands of pages
it isn't easy, especially if one has to maneuver between different wikis
(Commons and Wikisource). Anything that would make this easier and
more automatic would be terrific!

From: ThomasV
Subject: Re: [Wikisource-l] Features
To: "discussion list for Wikisource, the free library"

Message-ID: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed

I am pleased to announce that bug 7957 is now fixed. In fact, I did
not know of that bug before you sent your message to the mailing list :-)

Tim recently gave me svn access, so I hope that in the future I will
be able to provide more software enhancements for wikisource.

Considering Protect Section, it was never enabled because some people
at the foundation considered that it gives too much power to admins.
However, I believe that using ProofreadPage makes it unnecessary.
I wrote ProtectSection in order to protect texts against clever vandals
(or ignorant goodwilling contributors) who make corrections that look
ok but are not. However, the best way to tell apart corrections from
vandalism is to have access to the scanned text.


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