Perfect Phil, I reproduced (and removed) the "blocking configuration" just as you told.

Main textarea wpTextbox1 should have a row="31" attribute while it has a row="51" attribute in lateral view; in vertical view too textarea is too high. Have we to parch this bug locally, or there's a consistent hope that it will be fixed soon?


2013/12/5 Alex Brollo <>
Thanks! This explains perhaps why I don't find any trouble editing it.source.... but I found big problems editing into en.source. 

But I found into it.source another extremely annoying problem: edit textarea is too high and there's no scrolling bar. I fixed a third problem coming from different html of front image that  blocked a recent tool; but this has been reasonably simple since I knew the tool code and the tool logics. 


2013/12/4 <>

On Wed, 04 Dec 2013 at 13:17 +0000, Andrea Zanni wrote:

> Hi all.
> In Italian wikisource we are experiencing huge issues in namespace page:
> I enter in Edit mode, and I don't see the Edit form nor the scan.
> i just see the editoolbar, with the Save button, the SAL radiobuttons  and
> everything.
> I have disabled all my Gadgets in Preferences.
> I don't have the same problem editing en.source.
> Do you experience similar problems?
> Aubrey

Follow Pyb advice, at the moment all Page edit on all wikisource are
broken if you have this two options in preferences/editing

[unchecked] Show edit toolbar
[checked]   Enable enhanced editing toolbar


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