Hi all,

As you all know that, the Wikimedia movement strategy working groups have started working on the final stage of the process i.e. building recommendations, which are supposed to be delivered by November this year. The only step that will be remaining after that will be implementing the recommendations by WMF next year. These recommendations will significantly change the movement in the future, even the least radical ones might have impact on the movement which will affect us all in many ways. As a volunteer serving on one of the working groups, I would like to encourage you all to take part in the process, so that your dreams and ideas for a better tomorrow get reflected in the recommendations; your experience, insight and voices are very much important to shape the future of the movement.

I am in the Roles and Responsibilities working group, which is focusing on the governance and organizational movement structures. For last few months, we have tried to identify objectively about what are going well and what are not in the current existing structure, where are the pain points and where are the happy ones; and we tried to map them as best as we could. The goal is to identify a future structure for the Wikimedia Movement that will create less friction and more synergies. To understand that in a better way, we framed few scoping questions for community conversation (see here).

The questions are:
  1. What structures, processes, and behaviors will enable us to include all voices (including e.g. current contributors and emerging audiences) in our decision-making?
  2. Which responsibilities are better placed at a global or local level?
  3. To ensure equity, how should conflict management and resolution be structured across the movement?
You can give your valuable feedback regarding these questions in this thread or in the village pumps of your wiki projects or in meta or in a google doc or mail us or in any other way possible. Just let us know or share with us the links where you are giving feedback or discussing about these things. If you want to do video chat and document your feedback, please let us know, we will try our best to fulfill that. If you do not want to reveal your identity or user name in the public forum, but still want to document your feedback, please let us know and we will ensure that. If you need any clarification about these questions or any doubts about the whole process, you can mail us. Our mailing address is at wg2030-rolesandresponsibilities@wikimedia.org . Apart from these questions, you can share your thoughts about anything with us which you think might benefit the strategy process or outcome.

Please note, that community conversation is a continuous process and we will document and work on your valuable feedback whenever you share them with us till September this year.

On behalf of Roles and Responsibilities Working Group