There is a wish for an possible enhancement. It would be nice to have another state,m let's call it partly proofread once. In the german language WS there a lot of magazines. The typically end in the middle of the page, or there are several articles on one page. It would be nice to flag if there are proofreaded parts on this page.

The following bug shall be added to this list here, Wikisource: IPs unable to flag articles as "proofread"

There have been still long discussions with no solution
 Especially teh comment from 
--- Comment #28 from John Mark Vandenberg <> 2009-11-19 15:31:21 UTC ---
Please provide unified diffs using "diff -ur old/ new/"

More fundamentally, I think it is necessary for the Proofread Page extension to
not include access control. It should probably use the userCan hook, and let
another extension implement access control.

Also should be added, even admins aren't able to set pages to proofread twice. In the de:ws we are converting, already proofread twice projects to this extension, because the method with the two additional namespaces is handsome.  But it is an awfull work to go through the already done steps  again. 

There is a bug, with zooming of the scans in PR2, the scrollbar vanishes, and the picture itself is growing ore reducing itself - uninterruptable- 


2010/6/29 Billinghurst <>
This email highlighted and remind me of a couple of issues,

1. The indexing functionality and how it fails for transcluded pages; which is integral to
ProofreadPage when it transcludes working pages into the main namespace for display.
(thanks to MZMcBride for helping me track this down)

2. The support around djvu files in general, which is improved, though still lacking in
the <gallery> extension, see

Both of which have an impact for WS, though not exclusive to the site.

Regards, sDrewth

On 28 Jun 2010 at 23:22, Lars Aronsson wrote:

> There is a lot of potential in Wikisource, but it depends
> heavily on the ProofreadPage extension and it has several
> bugs that are reported but don't get fixed.
> ThomasV is the main developer and perhaps he is the only
> maintainer? It would be in the interest of the Wikimedia
> Foundation to assign a salaried developer or two into
> developing a more robust framework for Wikisource, either
> by improving the existing extension or by integrating
> some or all of its functionality into MediaWiki proper.
> People everywhere have a need to make some PDF (or Djvu)
> document available on a website, page by page, with the
> ability to add categories and talk pages. This ability
> is what the ProofreadPage extension adds to MediaWiki.
> In my mind, it is as essential as the support for uploading
> JPEG images and automatically generating thumbnails.
> Adding multipage documents to a wiki should be a far more
> common need than adding mathematical equations.
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