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On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 1:44 AM, Wiki Billinghurst <> wrote:
Hi all,

Part of one of my promises at WM2014 was to better communicate components
of our actions at enWS to the broader community.  

We have submitted bugs for ...

1. Turning webfonts back on for enWS.
Initially the request for fraktur fonts alone, so we could do blackletter.
However when having a conversation with WMF's Languages and
Internationalisation team they encouraged me to just request for a
reinstatement of the complete webfonts package. This has now had the patch
awaiting for review. This actually replicates what heWS has already done,
so it is not exactly trail-blazing.

One outcome that I have semi-committed to do is to create a help page for
some of the fonts that are not full language fonts, but are able to be
generated with this reinstalled process.  At this stage it would have to
live on enWS (due to enablement), however, if there was a local
conversation at OLDWIKISOURCE for a similar function, it would make more
sense to host it there. Hint! hint! to that community, and really should
have all those fonts.

2. General interwiki language link to oldwikisource is required
This is the bug to get the mul: interlanguage prefix functioning. It is
blocked by another change that is waiting for review, and I am told to nag
Reedy, and/or others to progress it, which I am doing. Others may wish to
keep a lookout for those mentioned in the bug and see if they can get their
attention in IRC if they seem them active.

3. Increasing search weighting on namespaces other than main namespace
We have found that authors in our author namespace rank pretty low in a
search compared to their works, so we have asked that we increase the
weighting for our Author: ns (ns:102). I made comment in the bugzilla that
this may be of interest to other WSes. To note that I have previously
discussed this with Nik at WM2014, and reported at our WS meeting that I
would be lodging this bugzilla. {{done}}

4. Refining typeahead search results for subpages at English Wikisource
For our biographical works where they are subpages we want to find them
when typing, not necessarily after a search. Another that was discussed at
WM2014, again which may have broader interest. {{done}}

5. Exploring tweaking of English Wikisource header templates for better
search results
Question to Nik to see if we can use some of our 'metadata' in templates,
eg. microformat, or other bits, in smarter ways in CirrusSearch. Again
discussed at WM2014, and how asked to progress questions.

Regards, Billinghurst

PS. I still have other homework to submit, and as I get through the
backlog of tasks, it will get done. Just prioritising at the moment.

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