Saluton ĉiuj,

Ok, so things are falling into place over here, but before we go further, we need to know what kind of event format the community want:

We might go with the same format as Vienna, or we might go for something a bit different. Your feedback will be predominant in this decision.

In term of calendar, we might also couple the event with "bilbiothèque idéale" (ideal library) an annual event which occurs usually in September. We do have institutional internal contact to give us more information about such a possibility, but it also need to be fine for wikisourcerers.

Be bold about gathering feedback from your local community, and let me know if there are other canal through which you would like to see used for further organisation, ie. Meta.

Ĝis baldaŭ

Le 06/11/2017 à 09:39, Andrea Zanni a écrit :
Those of you who where in Vienna 2 years ago know what you need for a Wikisource conference:
a good hotel in a city with a good airport, but most of all the will and time to organize an international conference.

The moment there is an organizing committee for the logistics/food/accomodation/travel/visas/grant,
the programme is the easy part, and we all can contribute.

November 2018 sounds good ;-)

On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 8:28 PM, mathieu stumpf guntz <> wrote:

Hi Sam,

I just had a glance at the table of content, and my eyes directly catched "2018 Conference". In fact I already had that in mind for several weeks, as I would like to organize this event in Strasbourg. Indeed, starting on january our local user group will focus on Wikisource, and I would like Strasbourg to host as many Wikimedia events as possible in the coming years.

Strasbourg hosted the Wikiconvention francophone second edition just a few weeks ago, so we still have hot contacts with misc. institutional partner that can help on such an event. Actually, I already started to launch the idea in conversations with some of them.

Any feedback on this proposal is welcome.

Sorry that I missed the confcall.

Le 05/11/2017 à 01:33, Sam Wilson a écrit :
The notes from yesterdays hangout are now online:

Please tweak as required.

Would Saturday December 16 at 1400UTC be a good time for the next hangout?

On Sat, 4 Nov 2017, at 09:38 PM, Nicolas VIGNERON wrote:
Reminder, the meeting is in half an hour on


2017-10-31 20:03 GMT+01:00 Nicolas VIGNERON <>:
Hi everyone,
From January to April of this year, we had hangout session to talk more directly about Wikisource (see for the notes of these sessions).

Among subjects that can be discuss:
- Wikisource and Wikidata (and some infos about the WikidataCon in Berlin last weekend)
- a second Wikisource conference in 2018 ?
- various issues or accomplishments you want to share or need help from others
- the Wikisource Community User Group

What do you think of doing this again? Who would be interested to join? (it was during week-end - Saturday or Sunday - afternoon to allow people from all other the globe to join in, I suggest Saturday 4 from 14:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC

Cdlt, ~nicolas
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