You can count in different ways proofread pages (3 points)
and validated pages (1 point).
Then you just count (an editathon is short so you don't need fancy things, although there are scripts to do it).

We give the 1st prize to the person with more points,
than we give the 2nd and 3rd prize with a "lottery": every point you have is one ticket, so the more you have points the more chances you have to win.

I encourage you to Keep It Simple for the first time: make sure to check that everyone is behaving and not cheating (ie marking as validated a page that is quickly read), and you should not have problems.


On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 8:17 PM, Federico Leva (Nemo) <> wrote:
balaji, 18/03/2018 19:55:
    Suppose If we have to conduct edit-a-thon for wikisource how to quantify the contribution of the contributions ? how to rank them and award prizes?

The Italian Wikisource would probably use the same criteria as forteh Wikisource birthday contest: count the number of pages created or brought to an higher proofread level, apply a different weight to the two as needed.


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