I'll be the 2 days.
I will finish there an dublin core/rdf api for the data included in the index namespace.
I Will push a demo in wikilabs in the next days.
I'm going to present also a speech about Wsexport and this api projet.
Thomas (User:Tpt)

Andrea Zanni <zanni.andrea84@gmail.com> a écrit :

I'm not sure I'll be there the whole time (there is Wiki loves Libraries and meetings about the Chapter Association)
but it would be amazing to work together. 
I'm going to present a speech
which is not disruptive but I hope it will clear some of the discussions we often have
around Wikisource. 

I'm very happy there will be several speech about Wikisource, 
it is a good omen :-)


2012/6/18 Amir E. Aharoni <amir.aharoni@mail.huji.ac.il>
Forwarding from the wikitech-l list...

If you are coming to Wikimania, don't miss the developer days before
it (a.k.a Hackathon). I'll be there, and I really hope to work on
stuff such as:

* Fixing ProofreadPage bugs.
* Making sure that the Visual Editor is good for Wikisource, too, and
not just for Wikipedia.
* Making good gadgets, templates and styles from English (Italian,
French, Hebrew) Wikisource useful in other languages.

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From: Sumana Harihareswara ‎<sumanah@wikimedia.org>‎
Date: 2012/6/18
Subject: [Wikitext-l] Upcoming hackathon for experts AND newbies:
Washington, DC, USA July 10-11
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This is a reminder that you're invited to the pre-Wikimania hackathon,
10-11 July in Washington, DC, USA:


In order to come, you have to register for the Wikimania conference:


(Unfortunately, the period for requesting scholarships is now over.)

At the hackathon, we'll have trainings and projects for novices, and we
welcome creators of all Wikimedia technologies -- MediaWiki, gadgets,
bots, mobile apps, you name it -- to hack on stuff together and teach
each other.

Hope to see you!

Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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