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I have few questions to ask about importing data into the Wikisouce. I'm new to Wikisoure (most of my contribution is on Thai Wikipedia). (1) I would like to import Tripitaka (Buddhist canon of scriptures) Thai version into the Wikisource. I've already done some of them with my friend at [[พระไตรปิฎก]] in the main subdomain ( http://wikisource.org) and found out that it might be a better way to import everything and split into seperate pages. (2) I'm wondering if there is another Tripitaka in different subdomain, so I might see how they organized. I searched from Google (site: wikisource.org tripitaka) but I found nothing that I might be wrong. (3) Then I think that I might need the Thai (th) subdomain but I still don't know "how big" of each wikisource language should have their own subdomain. (4) Some of the article names, we've alredy done, are pretty long since their always have duplicate names within different sections. So we put the parent-article names in front. And now we got another problem that they reached the maximum length (80 something). So do you have any recommend? Or can we have the longer name instead.

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Hi, and welcome to Wikisource!
In response to your first point, I suggest uploading the Tripitaka onto the Thai language sub-domain (http://th.wikisource.org), as everything in Thai on www.wikisource.org will be moved over by a developer (if you ask them to do it).
(2) There is another Tripitaka, on the English sub-domain.  You can find it here: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Tipitaka_%28The_Pali_Canon%29 .  I hope this helps you in organizing the Thai version.
(3) Don't worry about "how big" each Wikisource language should be; the language is already set up, so please feel free to use it.

(4) This one I can't be of any help on, since I can't read Thai.  I would suggest, though, that you might want to abbreviate the parent name so that it is distinct from other sections (that way you can have different texts with the same section names but still under different parent names) but will still be allowed under the maximum length of the software.  This problem might go away if you move to the Thai sub-domain, but I can't make any promises.
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