Congratulations, this is an amazing event for all the Wikisource community.
Hopefully we'll use it to show other libraries that such things are possible,
and we should all take this as a model.

it would be really important to document everything is a common and visible
location, where we can read and learn from this experience.
Where would this be?

(In Gdansk too)

2010/7/10 Michael Jörgens <>
Congratulations !!!!

2010/7/10 Seb35 <>


I'm from the French chapter, Wikimédia France, and I want to annonce a
good news for Wikisource. Some months ago Wikimédia France signed a
partnership ("small" but significant in France) with the French National
Library (BnF) who gives to Wikisource 1400 texts with their OCR [1].

Today these books arrived on Commons [2] and are ready to be checked by
the Wikisource community. The list is available on [3], the range of books
covers many century, different levels of confidence in the OCR and
different subjects, but most of them are in French.

Now there is work for 800 years say somebody, 20 years for another, 'don't
know, we'll see :-)

Sébastien/Seb35 (I'm presently at Wikimania, Gdañsk, Poland)


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