Dear Wikisourcerors,
I'm writing you because as a Wikisource Community User Group we'd need to ask for renewal.

For those of you who are not aware of this Wikimedia "politics",
User Groups are affiliates of the Wikimedia movements, recognized groups of individuals that officially state their existent as a community.

The advantages of such a situation is that we are recognized as a "representatives" of Wikisource communities around the world.
It is a much better situation regarding lobbying, advocacy, and even, if needed grantmaking.
For example, last year Micru could come in Berlin for the Wikimedia Conference.
Every Wikimania, the group of wikisourcerors grows bigger and bigger.
There's still a long way to go, but we don't need, in my humble opinion, to draw back. It is important to continue to grow in organization and impact as an international community.
We'll win, eventually :-).

The issue though is that from March I'm president of a Chapter (and I have much to do), and Micru is on a loong wiki break.
We didn't follow through as we wanted the User Group.
On 31st november, the one-year term of recognition given by the AffCom in the resolution of last year has ended.

If we want to continue, we need to apply for a renewal.
These are the riteria we have to comply to. [1] We can do it. The Affiliation Committee is very proud of us :-)

We'd basically need to write a 2014 report:
an annual report of our activities telling our experience during this year as affiliates. Our achievements, fails, needs, insights and suggestions. Besides, we can tell our plans for the next year.

My humble opinion is that we can put under the umbrella of the Wikisource Community User Group things that we do as single communities or individuals, for the profit of the whole Wikisource and Wikimedia movement.

For example, things we did this year:
we did the Wikisource Birthday proofreading contests, (which is BIG [2] :-), and we need to continue doing more and more).
we helped Siko in evaluating the IEG proposals related to Wikisource (I did).
We are maintaining the migration of WS related tickets from Bugzilla to Phabricator (thanks Billinghusrt!),
and we are discussing the perennial problem of structured data on WS (thanks all!)
An I'm not mentioning the hidden but precious work of Phe, Tpt, Ricordisamoa and other coders who maintain the Proofread Extensions, do Wikidata things and more.

So, in the end.
Write whatever we, as a community of wikisourcerors, have done.
Put also important things you havedone in your local wiki. If it's too local, we'll delete it, but it's also a good opportunity to learn stuff from each other!