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2010/7/9 ThomasV <>
Firefox 4 and Chrome 6 have support for Websockets.
I wrote a websocket server that forwards Recent Changes to a web
browser, in order to visualize them dynamically.

Here is a list of pages using it:
*[ a page that plays a sound
everytime a page is proofread at the most active wikisources]
*[ en.WP's recent changes] (it
scrolls kind of fast)
fr.wiktionary's RCs]
If you decide to write another page that uses this server, please add it
to the list.

It is possible to use this tool directly on any Wikimedia wiki ; here is
a script that turns the RC page of your wiki into a self-updating page:


I hope you enjoy it. If you decide to write a page that uses this tool,
please add it to this list :


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