Thanks for you answer, Seb35.
As you imagine, everyone is eager to know as many details possible about this projects,
to see if and how it can scale and be applied elsewhere.

In the Italian chapter right now there is a discussion about a possible money investment of a problem we all know:
the transcription and proofreading of texts.
In Wikimania many of us talked a lot also about Wikisource (unfortunately, AFAIK only to Wikisource admins were present, me and Lars from se.source) and about the practical problem that all these cultural heritage projects
(the BnF projects with fr.source or the Enciclopedia Cilena project with es.source) have to cope with the minimal
support of Wikisource communities. Not because there's no will to help, but just because the communities are far more smaller than Wikipedia one, which can support and help much better (see the "Wikipedian in Residence" project with the British Museum).

I would really like to ask to all what they think about this (big) issue.
Do you have any suggestion? What do you think we can do about it?
Do you think that national chapter could help financially paying some people to transcribe and proofread?


2010/7/15 Seb35 <>
Tue, 13 Jul 2010 17:17:12 +0200, Federico Leva (Nemo) <>
> How did you select them?
I don't know exactly how they have been selected, it seems the BnF wanted
to give us a panel of books with different characteristics, I don't know
the Wikisource community has given any wishlist.

> What will the BNF do with the proofread texts?
In the agreement nothing is expressed about that. This agreement is more
an experiment to see what sort of partnership it would be possible to do
(or not) in the future. The BnF gived us about 10% of its annual
digitalization (I think but not sure) ; and they have nobody/no money to
review the OCR they use.

> Can you share the agreement text (even if not translated and/or in some
> private wiki)?
The agreement text is on our private wiki (for WMFR members) in French, I
ask about a public version or about an internal-wiki version.

~ Seb35 [^_^]

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