Very interesting.

About djvu files on IA, they can be built simply by pdf2djvu from pdf files of IA, but quality is very poor; or they can be built, with some more pain, from images merged with _djvu.xml files, the quality is high but resulting djvu is heavy. 

As Aubrey told some time ago, it.source uses a python script to do the latter job, but it is a DIY (do it yourself) script, just to proof that it can be done


2017-01-02 5:29 GMT+01:00 Sam Wilson <>:

Hi all,

I've attempted to start a phab ticket about what the import wizard
should look like:

There are plenty of unanswered questions I'm sure, and lots missing
still. Please edit the task or add comments about anything.

This is 2016 Wishlist #73, so I'm not sure it'll get much 'official'
comm-tech time (yet; there *is* a plan to address further-down wishes,
but they may take some time), but I'm keen to work on it in my own time

One thing I'd love to have in a Wikisource upload wizard is a thing that
I can show to Glam people that makes it easier for them to see the value
(and ease) in getting their stuff online and ready for crowd-sourced
transcription. :-)


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