Thanks Tpt!

I encourage you all to write all the bugs on Phabricator,
and if you don't know how to,
report them on your local Scriptorium in order for someone
to port them on the site.


On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 11:33 AM, Thomas Tanon <> wrote:
TL;DR: VisualEditor is going to be enabled to Page: pages today Wednesday. It's still very buggy, use at our own risks.

Hello everyone,

Just an email to warn you that an early version of the Page: pages support for the VisualEditor is going to be deployed on todayWednesday, 29 June. It still contains a lot of bugs that should be fixed in the following weeks.

Some known issues:
- The switching from Wikitext editor to VisualEditor is still buggy (only content of the page body is kept and set into the header in the VE interface).
- On loading of page which latest modification is before tomorrow Wednesday there are artefacts on saving. We have made a change in the Parsoid parser to make VisualEditor work but we have not been able to purge the Parsoid cache. It leads to artefact added to the wikitext on saving and usually to the merge of the footer in the body.
- When HTML is not balanced in each section (header/body/footer) e.g. when you have "<div style="color:blue;">" in the header and "</div>" in the footer, the VisualEditor breaks the page (usually you get  "<div style="color:blue;"></div>" in the header and nothing in the footer). This issue won't be fixed anytime soon but we plan to provide efficient ways to do styling on the Page: pages body (and probably also on the Header/Footer).
- The loading of VisualEditor with ?veaction=edit in the UI often fails (code review in progress)
- When creating a new page the text layer included in the PDF/DjVu file is not loaded (code review in progress)
- The proofreading quality selector is not very understandable and should be redesigned.

Please report any other issue on Phabricator [1] with as projects both "ProofreadPage" and "VisualEditor"


PS: feel free to copy/past this email in your local Scriptorium.


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