Excellent improvements. Should we test them before they are deployed?

John Vandenberg.
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On Sep 8, 2012 12:03 AM, "Thomas PT" <thomaspt@hotmail.fr> wrote:
For people that doesn't know me, I contribute to the French Wikisource and I try to improve the Proofread Page extension.

Here is a description of some modification into Proofread Page that will be deployed sooner, I think next week.

1 I have made a patch in order to add support of not-arabic page number in the "page" namespace for languages that doesn't use arabic numerals: new pages of multi-pages books will now have a name with number in their own language. Existing pages can keep their names with arabic  numerals or be renamed by hand or with a bot in order to use not-arabic numbers.
The pagelist tag will links to pages with a localized number but, if the localized page doesn't exist and a page with an arabic number exist, pagelist will link to this page. The pages tag and the navigation inside of the page namespace will use the same system.
So, with this system, nothing, I hope, will be broken in wikis.

2 I have added support of wiki links to proofreadpage_page_status message.

3 I have written a change that create prp-pagequality-[1-4] HTML classes and add them to all links to Page namespace. These classes are done in order to allow people to color all links to page namespace. The old quality[1-4] classes can of course be ever used in order to color these links only inside of Index namespace.

So I hope that these improvments will increase ProofreadPage quality.
Sorry for my poor English,
Thomas (User:Tpt)

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