Hi everyone,

After some discussion (thanks Ankry, Mardetanha and Bodhisattwa for the advices), this is how we will procede for this vote:
- Go on this Google form https://forms.gle/gyF941NPjmPbwLvR9
- Enter you username (to check you only vote once and that you have at least 100 edits on Wikisource)
- Rank the candidates from 1 (your preferred candidate) to 11 (your least preferred candidate), you can give the same rank to several candidates or leave it blank.
- Click on the Submit Vote button at the bottom of the page.
- To confirm your identity, please sign you username on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikisource_Community_User_Group/ABSB/2019

The vote will be open until May 29 so I can vote in the name of the group before May 31.

As usual, I you have any questions, feel free to ask.


PS: there is only 11 candidates and not 12 as I wrongly said in my previous email.