I just received this mail:

In preparation for a movement strategy conversation in Berlin, we would like to extend one more invitation for a second representative to attend the Wikimedia Conference this March. This is in addition to the one representative that is already invited to attend the conference on behalf of your affiliate. This year’s conference has been built with 3 tracks; extending one additional invite will allow your group to designate one person for strategy and one for the customary learning tracks. 
  • 1 person - Strategy track
  • 1 person - Capacity Building & Partnerships learning tracks
During the Strategy track, we will be discussing the future of the movement and the best ways to fulfil our vision: that every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Importantly, the person you designate for the Strategy track should have demonstrated leadership and/or domain expertise important to your group’s efforts.

You should prioritize someone who... 
  • will represent your community and share back home what they learn
  • has implemented one or more different types of programmatic or engagement leadership in the last 12 months in your community
  • has engaged in learning and/or evaluation practices in order to learn and share about your group’s strategic activities and program work
  • is working to develop and/or lead strategic efforts in your community (e.g., communications, volunteer engagement, skills development for community engagement, community health, program design and evaluation).
If you have already registered a representative to join the main conference in Berlin and that person is your preferred representative for the Strategy track, no problem. You may choose a second person to attend one of the other conference tracks while your original representative attends Strategy.  

To designate your representatives to the Strategy and a non-strategy track, reply to this message and share the names of 
  1. the person you wish to represent your group in the Strategy track
  2. the person you wish to participate in Capacity Building & Partnerships learning tracks
Please respond to this message to let us know about your additional representative’s name and email address as well as the track designation for your representatives as soon as you are able. There will be a new registration period for the additional person to register, which will be open January 9 through January 30, 2017. We will keep track of your decision and share the invitation to register to the additional affiliate representative. 

Please take the time to consult with each other to determine who is best to represent your group. Once we hear back, we will proceed with messaging to share a registration link for your additional representative so that they may register before the deadline.


If this is the case, I'd like to propose myself for the Strategy track, if you are OK with it.
There is the possibility to have someone else for the other track, so I encourage you to think about it.

If there are more candidates, we could try to vote or something?

On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 3:26 AM, Sam Wilson <sam@samwilson.id.au> wrote:
Hurrah! Yes, definitely someone should go. Johan Jönsson and Leon Ziemba will be there from Community Tech, so I *think* that means I won't be (even though I desperately would love to talk to more people about Wikisource!). Perhaps that depends on what non-top-10 items from the Wishlist Survey are to be worked on (and that's not clear quite yet). If a Wikisource one (i.e. Han characters, or import-wizard; they're they top-voted) is chosen, then perhaps I could come too.

Anyway, someone should be there representing Wikisource as well!

Would it be good to set up a meeting sometime (IRC or hangouts maybe) to talk about things? I'm sure timezones etc. will be a problem, but might be good.


On Tue, 20 Dec 2016, at 05:22 PM, Andrea Zanni wrote:
Hello everyone,
and happy holidays :-)

As a User Group, we are eligible to send one member to the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin [1].
I participated last year, and if I'm not mistaken Micru did in 2015.
The conference is a place where the WMF, chapters and other affiliates gather to discuss many topics, and it's a great occasion for advocacy.
I remember that last year I had the chance to sit with Danny Horn (from Community Tech team) for a whole hour to show him Wikisource stuff and issues. He told me they needed a new member of the team. Few months later, our own Sam Wilson was picked. Of course, that is all to Sam's credit (he's really good), but there is much more awareness in the WMF about Wikisource, and we are the ones who have to *build* that awareness. That conversation I had with Danny )among many others) helped, and so we gotta keep talking to people and explaining what Wikisource is.
And our work is not finished.
Things are slowly improving, but we want them to improve more and faster.
And we gotta check that there are improving constantly.
So this is why I think these gatherings are important.
We have the chance to send one of us to Berlin: and we should have some candidates.
Not sure how we should do it (maybe a "formal" election?) but the first thing is see how many of us are willing to go, so please reply to this mail and candidate yourself if you will.
I'm available, and I'd like to go, but I also went last year, so we shall decide all together.

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