Thanks ~nicolas for reference. In the meantime, perhaps I found the ideal namespace for local wikisource pages linked to a wikidata element (so allowing a  #property including syntax as-it-is-by-now: strange to say, it's Author namespace! Simply, subpages of Author could be the work pages into wikisource. I'm testing this strange idea, the first page being .

Lua can wait a little bit :-) 

Alex brollo

2014-07-19 9:22 GMT+02:00 Nicolas VIGNERON <>:
2014-07-19 0:25 GMT+02:00 Alex Brollo <>:
I'm trying to realize how {{#property:}} works, and I'm confused. From my tests, it only works inside pages linked with a wikidata element - and they show the wikidata property for that wikidata element.

True, for now (and probably for a long moment), you can only get properties from the linked element with {{#property:}}.

Only one page for project can be linked to to a wikidata element - so, a ns0 wikisource "book" can be linked to a wikidata edition element, but can't be linked, in the same time, with the related wikidata work element. So, I can't use #property tag to get properties of work items, but only for *edition* items.

It I want to retrieve propetries of a *work* wikidata element bu #property, I've to create a specific wikisource page for the work, then to link it to wikidata work element - then using #property inside it. 

So far, the syntax to call a property of a wikidata element different from the element linked to current page seems not work.

So, I opened two *work* pages into it.wikisource, [[:it:Wikisource:Tommaso Moro (Pellico)]] and [[:it:Wikisource:Eufemio da Messina]], I linked them to Q15987095 and Q15987085, and I'm doing some test using those pages. I used nsWikisource just to avoid any possible mismatch between *works* and *editions". 


It's a bit confusing for the works/edition but it already works perfectly for the Author: pages ;)

Do you know Lua ? You might want to take a look at : to go further.

Cdlt, ~nicolas

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