I'm testing tl|Pg into a "hard case", transcluded page will contain more than 8000 Pg template and Pg module calls; no expensive parser function is added by Lua. 

This is the page I'm working about: http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Annali_del_Principato_ecclesiastico_di_Trento_dal_1022_al_1540/Indice


2013/6/3 Alex Brollo <alex.brollo@gmail.com>
Done Lars; I edited Modulo:Pg to keep Template:Pg simpler.


2013/6/3 Alex Brollo <alex.brollo@gmail.com>
Thanks Lars: OK. :-)

2013/6/3 Lars Aronsson <lars@aronsson.se>
On 06/03/2013 12:10 AM, Alex Brollo wrote:
Take a look to this page <http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Pagina:Manuale_di_economia_politica_con_una_introduzione_alla_scienza_sociale.djvu/583>. As you see, page numbers are simply wrapped into a tl|Pg. No other parameters. Nevertheless, they are transformed into active links do right djvu pages.

Now, go here <http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Manuale_di_economia_politica_con_una_introduzione_alla_scienza_sociale/Indice_dei_nomi_di_autori#pagename583> where the same page is transcluded in ns0. Page numbers now are active links to the right subpage/chapter.

This trick uses: Template:Pg <http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Template:Pg>, Modulo:Pg <http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Modulo:Pg>, and this Modulo:Dati/Manuale.... <http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Modulo:Dati/Manuale_di_economia_politica_con_una_introduzione_alla_scienza_sociale.djvu>; nothing more than this, no javascript and no AJAX, so I presume (I didn't test by now) that links are running too into any html-based export of ns0 pages as server builds them.

Excellent! However, on the transcluded page, the link goes only to the
chapter URL. It should also add #pag137 or #pagename147, since
all page links in the margin of the transcluded chapter are marked
like this:... id="pag137"><span id="pagename147">...

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