2016-11-03 10:12 GMT+01:00 Andrea Zanni <zanni.andrea84@gmail.com>:
Thanks Mathieu.
What really strikes me is that challenge is doable in fr.wikisource: in many others would be complete madness ;-)
Also, Polish Wikisource is doing great.

What interest me is understanding how they are building their community of active and super-active proofreaders: are they doing something that other wikisource aren't?

Not sure if there is a link but when you mention fr.ws and pl.ws I can immediately think of a correlation since these two are among the rare wikisources which are prooferead system only (or nearly only : 92 % and 96 % of mainspace pages back with scan, see http://tools.wmflabs.org/phetools/statistics.php).

Cdlt, ~nicolas