Yes, I was referring to a new edition of last year's proofreading contest. What about « Wiki Loves Proofreading » ? :)

But now that you mention it, we could also think about digitizing books for Commons as part of the contest.


On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Nicolas VIGNERON <> wrote:
Like Cristian, I like the idea but it's need to be refined.

The others « Wiki Loves XXX » (WLM, WLE, WLPA) are on Wikimedia Commons and are base on items lists (monument list, natural monument list and public art list).
Are you talking of a « importing books on Commons contest » (based on a list ?) or of a « proofreading contest » ?

By the way, we should absolutely re-do the « 10th anniversary proofreading contest » but obviously, we need a new name ;) and « Wiki Loves Books » doesn't seem very suitable to me.

Cdlt, ~nicolas

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