Jayanta, I'm also happy to help, if bandwidth is a problem.  If you send me a list of URLs of books at the DLI that you'd like me to download and upload to the Internet Archive for you, I'm happy to do it.


On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 2:14 PM, Yann Forget <yannfo@gmail.com> wrote:
2013/12/5 Jayanta Nath <jayantanth@gmail.com>
Hi Yann,

Thank you for sharing this add-on and website. This site may very useful for sa.wikisource.org.

Yes, I will upload some of these books and tell them.
I am working on my native wikisource bengali. Can you  help us to develop OCR for Bengali?

Unfortunately, Bengali may not even exist in commercial software, although I know a French company which is making OCR for Indian languages, it will take some time.
Bengali is not available in Abby FineReader 11 Professional Editon, which is the leading world software for OCR. However several dozens of languages are available: all European languages, Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, several African languages, etc., but no Indian language is available in the list. It is what Internet Archive uses.
Developing OCR is a very long and complex work. And I don't speak Bengali, so I can't help much.

However I can help creating PDF and/or DJVU files, and uploading them.

Best regards,


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