2017-10-31 18:45 GMT+01:00 Andrea Zanni <zanni.andrea84@gmail.com>:
For the "work" concept, Italian Wikisource decided to create a real and new namespace, "Opera" (which means work).
It's the one page where we store the links to multiple editions of a certain book we have.

It's not a disambiguation page in the sense that a disambiguation page works with different books from different authors with the same title
e.g. "Poems"...


I forgot about that too.
Aubrey; Could you tell us the advantage and inconvenient of this system (and in comparison to the 'multiple editions' pages of the others Wikisources).

Cdlt, ~nicolas

PS: this is the kind of question that would be interesting to have during a hangout session like we had (I will write a separate mail to re-launch them)