Hi Ankry,

Thanks for taking up the initiative to organise the much needed conference. Wikisource is now a much more visible project in India compared to 2015, when we participated in the last conference. It's gaining importance within the Indian academic and librarian circles. We already have some partnerships in different parts of India and hopefully there will be a major partnership news coming soon regarding Wikisource .

Anyway, in this regard, I personally feel 2021 is bit far away. If this is not much a problem for WMPL or the user group, we can go for Autumn 2020 as it would be great for Indian communities to interact with the larger community and gain more knowledge at this vital time of growth. Please be assured, that any help needed from our side as Indian Wikisource communities and affiliates supporting Wikisource projects will be provided whenever needed.


On Tue, 17 Dec 2019, 04:51 Ankry, <ankry.wiki@onet.pl> wrote:

Hi all,

As some of you already noticed, we were talking on Saturday not only about Wikimedia Summit, but also about plans concerning Wikisource Conference sequel. The first Wikisource Conference took place in Vienna in 2015. Maybe, five years later, it is good time to organize the next event?

The only way for this to happen is to receive a grant from WMF. Recently, I have got a confirmation from my chapter that Wikimedia Polska is willing to help us to apply for the grant and to organize Wikimedia Conference in Warsaw as a fiscal sponsor. (AFAIK this is the same procedure that was applied to the conference in Vienna).

What they need from us? We need:

  • to organize various commitees (Organizing Commitee, Program Commitee, Grant Comission, etc); the discussion on Saturday showed that there are people among us who want help in theese. Of course the more people, the better
  • to decide when we want the Conference. There are two possible dates: Autumn 2020 (likely September) and Spring 2021 (likely May); we need to decide which one is preferred and the decision is a bit urgent as for the near term the deadline for grant application is 10 February (however it is a realistic plan). At the moment this question is crucial
  • to estimate how many people wish to participate in the Conference

The person supporting us from WMPL is Natalia.

We have prepared a short survey that should help us to find response to the above questions. The survey is here:


Please, fill it if you are interested in participating the Conference.


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