Dear all,
on 26 October I made a little test on the Italian Wikisource.

I've always been an enthusiast about the WSexoport, Tpt's tool for epub conversion. But I always thought that the link was not visible enough...
So, I've been bold and added the link to the converter directly in the Header template.

The result, I think, is quite stunning:
on the 26th we had 4738 dowloads, now we are at 8700!
In ten days we doubled the number of downloads we had in few years...

I think it is a simple but powerful edit. You just have to put in your header a thing like this:

<div class="noprint" style="text-align: left;">
<small>{{epub|{{PAGENAME}}|testo=Scarica questo testo come EPUB}}</small></div>

I suggest you keep track of the stats *before* and *after* the edit here
Let me know how it goes! :-)