The problem is that many new IA pdf files have a poor resolution / too high compression from beginning, so their quality can't be improved.

IA viewer doesnìt use pdf or djvu file, it uses jpg images coming from jp2 images; this explains why images seen by the viewer are so beautiful, while pdf or djvu files are poor.

@Sam: About uploading djvu into IA item lacking of it: no, nobody but the original contributor or a sysop can upload files into an item. But it can be uploaded as a new item linked with the original one; its link could be shown into source item adding a comment (a "review"),

2017-01-02 12:52 GMT+01:00 Ankry <>:
> Very interesting.
> About djvu files on IA, they can be built simply by pdf2djvu from pdf
> files
> of IA, but quality is very poor;

Did you try to set the -d parameter to something higher than the default 300?
While converting PDF files from Polish digital libraries, I often use -d
450 or -d 600 with good results.


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