2011/2/21 Seb35 <seb35wikipedia@gmail.com>

I switched then to a C++ implementation to use directly FreeType and a
particle filter is available on the English WP links. But I have no more
time since about 1-2 months, I should share my code(s) on the toolserver
SVN to show what I've done.

My suggestion is, to open a page with a more specific name, something like "Wikisource:Djvu text layer management" or a similar one. The first step could be a list of links to existing scripts and tools (i.e. en.source contains interesting tips & tricks)

PS: If I would not be really bold, I'd been confused and intimidated by your software competence.... I hardly know what C++ and toolserver SVN is. :-). I don't use at all python imaging as PIL, I only use djvuLibre routines, using python to call them, to manage their input/output features and to manage plain text produced by them!

Alex brollo