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2018-05-31 22:12 GMT+02:00 Thomas Pellissier Tanon <>:
Dear all,

Candalua has implemented a new feature for the Wikitext <pagelist> tag. It is now possible to display automated recto/verso numbering.

For example, if an index page uses "<pagelist 2to4=folio />" the displayed page numbers are going to be "1", "2r", "2v", "3r", "3v".

3 new displays options are added: folio, folioroman, foliohighroman. These will assign a number to each leaf instead of each page, with the two sides labeled r for recto ("front") and v for verso ("back"). The first page in a range is assumed to be a recto.

  <pagelist 1to4=folio />                  -> 1r 1v 2r 2v
  <pagelist 1to4=folioroman />        -> ir iv iir iiv
  <pagelist 1to4=foliohighroman /> -> Ir Iv IIr IIv.

The MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_pagenum_template special template takes now a new parameter "formatted" with a better formatted page number (e.g. with the "r" of recto and the "v" of verso in superscript).

Many thanks to Candalua for having implemented this feature and made it merged as part of ProofreadPage.



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