I wonder if, rather than creating a new IA item, we should just link the original IA item to the DjVu on Commons (via a review)? Or is there a discoverability benefit to be had by having the DjVu also on IA?

On Tue, 3 Jan 2017, at 07:07 AM, Sam Wilson wrote:
Good idea. I guess it's not ideal to end up with two items, but at least the 2nd will be updateable from our end.

It looks like we can add HTML links to IA reviews too, which is nice: https://archive.org/details/spinoza_etica_paravia

On Mon, 2 Jan 2017, at 11:52 PM, Alex Brollo wrote:
Done :-)


2017-01-02 16:49 GMT+01:00 Alex Brollo <alex.brollo@gmail.com>:
Please take a look to https://archive.org/details/spinoza_etica_paravia_djvu, this is precisely a djvu-only item that I uploaded some days ago. I asked for permission to create "djvu-only items" into IA forum and I got it; this is the fiirst item I created; as you see there's some "implicit convention" too (the name of item is the original one + a _djvu suffix: it has been derived from https://archive.org/details/spinoza_etica_paravia) and metadata are the same, but a standard warning "Derived from files into L'Etica" into the description field.

So far I did not do the last step, t.i. adding a "backlink" from original item to the derived one. 

internetarchive.py allows to automatize the whole work (to download metadata of source item, to build the new item name and to add the warning do description field and to upload the new item). 

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