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Personally, I am more concerned with the likes of
and more particularly


(Noting that at enWS, I have inbuilt a couple of placeholders to namespace
utilising [[Mediawiki:wikibase-unconnectedpages-summary]])

I try to pick of one of those authors properly each day.

Days ago I've created ~300 Author pages from en.wikisource on Wikidata, using [1].

"The Game" is really very funny to play and, unlike most online games, it results in some useful actions (defining if a page is about a person, their gender, their birth and death dates, their country of citizenship and their most relevant image/media). Perhaps requesting to it's developer to allow to set not only languages but also prefered projects to work on, will help us?

[1] - https://tools.wmflabs.org/wikidata-todo/creator.html