2017-11-01 16:40 GMT+01:00 Nicolas VIGNERON <vigneron.nicolas@gmail.com>:

From afar, the Opera: pages on it.ws are very close to the pages with the template {{Éditions}} on fr.ws or the template {{Versions}} on en.ws (and similar system elsewhere).

The main difference is having a separate namespace A second major difference is that the templates on fr.ws and en.ws are very light while the {{Opera}} template took data from Wikidata (but that's an independent problem, it's possible to change the {{Éditions}} or {{Versions}} templates to do exactly the same thing without having a specific namespace).

I'm almost convinced too, but in order to create a new namespace on a project you have to convinced the local community. That's why I'm still playing the Devil's advocate role and want to learn about the inconvenients of this system

A reason why there are no different namespaces for work-, edition-, author-, list- and other portal pages in de.ws is the ws-search. When you are looking for "Goethe" in the (simple) search (as readers may do) on WS, you might get to
* https://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Tafellied,_zu_Goethe%E2%80%99s_Geburtstage but not to
* https://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Johann_Wolfgang_von_Goethe with all the interesting stuff, if that page was in another namespace...

So there was the desition to use templates (and categories) for these different kind of pages: https://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Wikisource:Seiten_zu_Autoren,_Texten,_Themen,_Listen

I think German Wikisource Community won't give this up and switch to using multiple namespaces (besides Wikisource: and Page:namespace).