Hi everyone,

I noticed the other day that there are a bunch of Wikisources whose Wikidata items don't have labels in the languages of those Wikisources.

So if anyone knows how to write "Welsh Wikisource" in Welsh, it'd be great if you could go to Q24577651 and add the Welsh label. Similarly for the rest of these:

wd:Q15156667 Sanskrit Wikisource
wd:Q18198097 Multilingual Wikisource
wd:Q21205461 Latin Wikisource
wd:Q24577647 Belarusian Wikisource
wd:Q24577644 Old English Wikisource
wd:Q24577650 Bosnian Wikisource
wd:Q24577651 Welsh Wikisource
wd:Q24577648 Bulgarian Wikisource
wd:Q24577655 Modern Greek Wikisource
wd:Q24577653 Danish Wikisource
wd:Q24577658 Persian Wikisource
wd:Q24577657 Estonian Wikisource
wd:Q24577663 Croatian Wikisource
wd:Q24577660 Faroese Wikisource
wd:Q24577661 Galician Wikisource
wd:Q24577666 Indonesian Wikisource
wd:Q24577664 Haitian Creole Wikisource
wd:Q24577669 Icelandic Wikisource
wd:Q24577674 Limburgish Wikisource
wd:Q24577678 Macedonian Wikisource
wd:Q24577676 Lithuanian Wikisource
wd:Q24577682 Norwegian Wikisource
wd:Q24577683 Romanian Wikisource
wd:Q24577686 Slovene Wikisource
wd:Q24577684 Sakha Wikisource
wd:Q24577685 Slovak Wikisource
wd:Q24577688 Serbian Wikisource
wd:Q24577695 Venetian Wikisource
wd:Q24577693 Turkish Wikisource
wd:Q24577696 Yiddish Wikisource
wd:Q24577697 Min Nan Wikisource
wd:Q54893569 Piedmontese Wikisource
wd:Q97568657 Ligurian Wikisource
wd:Q107387552 Balinese Wikisource