Dear All,

I have compiled the, statistical update of the Indic language Wikipedias for the year 2011. In this report, my aim is to provide an analysis as well as my perspectives on the health of various Indic language communities as well as the state of various Indic language wikipedias for the year 2011. (The period of analysis is editor contributions between 2011 January 1 and 2011 December 31). As always, a lot of the data for this report and analysis are based on the statistical data published at Thanks to Erik Zachte for compiling all this information. 

I must also point out that this annual update contains a number of insights that are derived not only from this data but directly from community members who have shared a very real-world picture.

Read the annual update here: 

I welcome your comments on this annual update. Please discuss it on the talk page. You can also reach me at

Shiju Alex