Thanks for your note. I have not made any suggestion or concurrences yet, but suggest you edit your note:
second paragraph:  change"sighted" to "cited."  "Sighted" is what happens to UFO's. "Cited" is what happens to
reference articles.
Otherwise, cool.

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Subject: [Wikiquality-l] Metrics for Testing of Flagged Revs


as most of you will have heard, flagged revisions were turned on on You can follow progress on Now, it would be
important to measure success of flagged revisions in some way. The
following metrics come to my mind:

-Number of articles with a sighted revision (not very useful though,
but measures acceptance among editors in a way.)
-Number of articles that have a sighted revision but where the current
version is not sighted
-Time needed to sight revisions (max and mean of time until a revision
by a noneditor is sighted. The mean is very difficult to get, but
could be computed by using the mean of the pages in
-Number of editors, meaning users who have the right to sight edits
(again, acceptance but also to see if we hinder people in editing more
than we should)

Do you have more ideas for metrics and how to measure them?



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