Dear All,

if you go to and click on Random Page, as Gregory pointed out, you can explore that Wikipedia demo more.   Our trust is function both of the text "age" (how many times it has been revised), but also of the reputation of the revisors.

Let me also point out that our code base has much evolved since then.  In particular, the latest release of WikiTrust adds:
We do not have a whole-wikipedia demo of that so far, but you can find various examples linked from .  Some of those examples are mirrors of existing wikis (from dumps), but visit our very own Cookiwiki, which we set up to experiment:
Register, and edit a page, browse around, etc.  Yes, there is not a lot of content, but you can experiment with the interface.  Come on, everybody knows at least one recipe, and we welcome even one for hard-boiled eggs!

Finally, do you have your own wiki?  Then just download our code and give it a try.
If you follow the link for a tarball, you can download a tarball which contains a statically-linked executable for linux (and the source code for any OS), so installation is easy.


On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:53 AM, <> wrote:
Dear All,

My name is Avanidhar Chandrasekaran

I work with GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
As part of my research, I am involved in analyzing the usefulness and
Necessity of author reputation in Wikipedia.

In lieu of this, I have simulated an Interface to color words in an article
based on their Age.

Being experienced contributors to Wikipedia, I invite you to participate in
this study, which involves the following.

1. Please visit the following Instances of wikipedia and evaluate the
interface components which have been incorporated into each of them. Each
of these use their own algorithm to color text.

a) The Wikitrust project

b) The Wiki-reputation project at Grouplens research

2) Once you have evaluated the two interfaces, kindly complete this survey
on Wikipedia quality

We hope to get your valuable feedback on these interfaces and how Wikipedia
article quality can be improved.

Thanks for your time

Avanidhar Chandrasekaran,

GroupLens Research, University of Minnesota

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