Esta discusão sera em inglês porque ela involve uma pessoa que não fala portugês, se alguem quiser eu posso traduzir.
Ok. Hashar you asked me explain the problem so here it is: I
n the portuguese language as is the case with other laguages that are present in many countries such as spanish, enlgish, french etc.. there are peculiarities wich vary localy, in portuguese we have two official standards the brazilian and the portuguese one, the diferences mainly being the spelling of a few words. At there was some discussion if it was the case to have separate wikis for both languages, the majority was obviously agaisnt that and so we only have one wiki.
The thing with having two .php files is that it goes against just that.
 Another worry is that it might lead ppl who are not portuguese speakers to think that the two versions are largely diferent since there inst a britsh english and an american enlgish file, just one for english and for everyother language.
 If Got_It had a problem with the word choice in the interface he should have proposed his changes for voting not done as he did, asking for a second one without consulting anyone.
I guess that pretty much covers it. Again thank you for your time looking into this :)