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I hope you have seen the below conversation about structured data sets on commons in open tabular data. As the world of openly published research data, and data sets to inform graphing and other visualizations on Wikimedia becomes more important. We can help centralize a lot of open projects, especially as major research and public cultural heritage work, like the digital humanities, is using data. 

If you get in an opportunity, make sure to weigh in: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Village_pump/Proposals#Tabular_data_storage_for_Commons.21


Alex Stinson


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Date: Mon, May 2, 2016 at 4:08 PM
Subject: [Research-Internal] Research Group: Yuri on tabular data storage / graph extension
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Hey all,

I had a chat this morning with Yuri about his work on the Graph extension and the underlying proposal to build tabular data storage on Commons. I am very excited about this proposal (you may remember my rant on almost the exact same idea).

Anyway, I invited Yuri to attend our RG meeting this Thursday at 9:30 PT to give us an overview of the project and see how we could benefit from / contribute to it. Also copying analytics-internal, who have been working with Yuri.


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