Erik, could you please take this off the list?  It's boring.


 Erik Moeller <> wrote:

> My troll days are long past;

That's not what I get from your changelog to Lir's page:

"Lir, I'm going to sit on you till you cry uncle"
"No. Bad Lir. No more senseless linking!"
"Still sitting on Lir; she isn't showing that she's interesting in
developing good taste in editing"
"We want good taste, or we'll spit you out."
"adding link to important article on Good Taste"
"Don't try to wriggle out of it Lir; a contributor of your stature needs to
develope some TASTE"
"Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle. If you don't take other peoples feelings
seriously Lir, why should we take your work seriously?"
"Give me some evidence you know what good taste is Lir. C'mon, I challenge
"not even close. try again, Lir baby"
"(your fate is being decided; if you don't take your fate seriously, it will
certainly take YOU very seriously"
again: "putting in link to article on Good Taste"

This is when other Wikipedians started reverting your changes. Lir
repeatedly *removed* your link to the good taste article and only left it in because
you kept vandalizing her page and threatened to continue to do so. And yes,
I'm going to continue to say "her", nobody seems to be female on the Internet
anyway, so I can use it as a neutral gender [*].

You're falling back into your old trolling behavior, Jon. The sad thing is
that you got away with it for too long, because nobody likes to stick up for



[*] Yes, that was a joke.

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