Thanks, Larry -- and to those of you who feel I've spoken to you unfairly, my apologies.  I'm just sick and tired of dealing with patronizing attitudes like Erik's and people who ask me to defending myself by proving negatives.  I've read through all of Erik's websites, and there is an agenda.  I had hoped that most people here know me and my work well enough to know that I don't have an agenda, except to put out articles that are encyclopedic in the truest sense and to take advantage of the immediacy of the technology to make sure those articles are up-to-date in the presentation of generally accepted thought, although perhaps reflecting newer trends than some people are comfortable with.  The last sentence aside, I also try to make articles readable ;-)  I don't by any means claim to be an expert in everything, but I can generally tell you when something is basically false from a historical perspective.  That was once thought to be a valuable asset.