Processing LaTeX the Python Way  

pyLaTeX is a LaTeX document processing framework written entirely in Python. It comes bundled with HTML and generic XML renderers, and other renderers can be added as well.

pyLaTeX differs from other tools like LaTeX2HTML, TeX4ht, TtH, etc. in that the parsing and rendering of the document are completely separated. This separation makes it possible to render the document in multiple output formats. It also allows the parser to create a cleaner document object, so that the rendering process is easier.

Since the renderer has complete control over which pieces of the document are rendered, it is possible that the resultant document is structured quite differently than the input document. This object actually allows you to traverse and edit the document tree. Because of this, pyLaTeX handles all counters natively so it doesn't have to rely on a LaTeX auxilliary file which may be inaccurate.

The current documentation for the pyLaTeX processing framework, command line interface, and HTML renderer can be viewed by following the links below.

  • pyLaTeX - Document processing framework (PDF, HTML)
  • pyldriver - Command line interface to pyLaTeX (PDF, HTML)
  • HTML Renderer (PDF, HTML)

The latest release with complete documentation is always available on SourceForge.

Please direct any comments, questions, bug reports, and donations to Kevin Smith.