I'm Sayak Sarkar a Mozilla Rep originally from Kolkata, but currently based in Pune.

I'm currently at Kolkata and was planning a MozCafe meetup with all Open Source Enthusiasts along with all Mozilla volunteers from Kolkata and the surrounding regions.

I know that the Kolkata chapter of the Wikipedia groups is quite active and was wondering if you would be interested in joining us for the meetup.

You can find the link to the event's agenda here: https://india.etherpad.mozilla.org/MozCafe-Kolkata

We currently have a very flourishing FOSS community in Pune in collaboration with all Open-source groups there such as Wikipedia, Drupal and Pune-LUG, and I was wondering if we can have something similar setup in Kolkata as well.

Please do go through the link and let me know what are thoughts about it. It would be great to have the Wikipedia Kolkata group on-board for this meet as well.

[Also, sorry for the cross-posting, wasn't quite sure which list would be appropriate.]


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